Taming the Scratchy Monster book.

New, available to those interested in Topical Steroid Withdrawal. A book has been created, Taming the Scratchy Monster

Where do I start?

My son has been suffering through topical steroid withdrawal since April 20th, he is three years old, and had been on steroids EXACTLY three years by this point. I came across ITSAN and decided to try this, he shown all the signs of topical steroid addiction.

It has been a struggle, and we are only 3 months in, however he is getting better. But emotionally challenging. However, I received this book in the post, within 20 minutes of opening it, we had read it twice. He related himself to Billy. The red skin, the itch, the dryness. It has been so amazing being able to read this book and use Billy and the scratchy monster to help him realise he IS and will heal, he will fight this monster make him go away rather than keep feeding him. It’s a beautiful book and I urge EVERYONE to read this




That’s so vanilla!

Firstly. I do love Fifty Shades.  Sure, it is badly written. The grammar considering it’s a published book (Don’t editors do that business??), it is very repetitive and clearly written by an amateur.. But who cares? It has a good base for my taste!

However, since the book I’ve been bombarded with people, friends and such saying how fantastic it is, how its opened their eyes to kinky fuckery. There was even a TV show tonight.. Sex Story: Fifty Shades of Grey or something about that. It’s a documentary about BDSM in correlation to Fifty Shades from what I gather from facebook and family.. I watched five minutes and turned it off.

BDSM is not a new thing. Come on people!  I’m not totally into it as much as some however, before I read the book I’ve been into that kind of thing. I’m a sub when it comes down to it.. I admit it. I like all the kinky fuckery, I’ve tried pretty much everything in the book..I ranted tonight on facebook at the silly people making a drama out of it. Because seriously? Just try it. But most of them won’t. God knows why.

Nothing else really to add.. Answer me, did fifty shades open your eyes?