Have a heart this Christmas?

Come on ladies and gents. Want to see a proud aunt sky dive? Donate! Even if it is just a few pence! Help make this little boys dream to play football and run with his mummy come true!! Thank you! It will buy the equipment he needs such as the child’s motorised treadmill which alone is ALOT… Plus he needs a lot of other stuff… and then the private physiotherapist to increase the sessions per week which on NHS is once


Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.
This page is to help make my beautiful brave nephew, Finlay Lomax walk! He was born 13 weeks early and have several strokes causing cerebral palsy, it has affected him mentally and physically – three limbs were mainly affected. The right arm and right leg being the worst. He has very high muscle tone, this causes muscle spasms and causes him to be inable to walk – he can stand for a few seconds.
He had an operation called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy on the 6th Dec ’11 in Frenchey hospital in Bristol. The operation was sucessful however he still needs the equipment to carry on with the intense physio that he needs to make him walk – aswell as pay for the extra sessions with a physio therapist as ideally he needs 4-5 sessions a week, but when he comes out from hospital he will only be able to have ONE. Please help us, help him walk!
I am prepared to overcome my fears of flying and heights and skydive to raise money for him, please donate, even if it is a penny!
Thank you for your support.


Your say

So, I’ve made a few posts now. What would you like to see discussed? Let me know. Can be anything at all.

With Christmas and work I haven’t had time to sit and ponder what else to write up so do go ahead and give me ideas. Anything at all will be tackled!


I often wonder where people get their idea of a vampire. What makes a vampire?
You have the typical stereotype – burn in the sun, the transformation into bats, stake through the heart, the hatred to garlic and holy water. Sleeping on coffins (or if you see some movies – Queen of the Damned- it is more of a coma) ofcourse the fangs and utter lust for human blood. Although you have Stephanie Meyers form. They sparkle in the sun, they cannot sleep and they can resist the smell of human blood (well in some of the vampires) fairly well. The stake and garlic are also untrue – This being proved in the book “Short second life of Bree Tanner”.

Recently on TV there was a documentary. Teenage Vampires; a group of teenagers in Texas who believe they are vampires and their friends who believe they’re wolves. However the vampies to me looked much like self harmers with a taste for blood. They didn’t bite to get the blood. They cut or got people to cut themselves however if the cut was deep they’d not go near it. They looked perfectly human without the sharp fangs.

Is it not just a light form of cannibalism? Vampires generally feast on humans after all. Does having the traits make a person ‘weird’ or ‘crazy’? It is after all a common fetish to feel pain during sexual intercourse sometimes withdrawing blood from scratching or biting. Ofcourse to enjoy being bitten doesn’t mean you wish to have blood drawn or draw blood yourself. Or the iron taste to blood if you cut yourself. Some like that, does it mean they’re crazy? Even though a ‘perfect steak’ is rare and quite tender and bloody still for the flavour? Or the fangs people cannot (without surgery) choose the shape of their teeth and so are born naturally with fangs.

Yet if you put these together. A boy who has fang shaped teeth, with a fetish for biting and likes the metallic taste of blood. Is he a vampire? Should he be shunned from society? I hear ‘No’ yet I know of a few people who have been. And others who are afraid to open up and be truthful about themselves incase people do not approve of the seemingly vampiric traits.