More TSA / TSW and Wales

collageI made a photo containing one image of the small ones’ skin on steroids in November last year. And progress since, unfortunately I didn’t get one April 20th on the first day of new beginnings to the most recent 8th Aug 2013. Where he is feeling softer and less dry, more importantly we have been sleeping better! After almost 2 years of not sleeping through again I have been enjoying his later sleeps and actual sleep instead of waking up every half hour. His days have also been a lot happier because I’m not yelling to not scratch and he isn’t scratching – he has this issue he can dig and dig and dig until he is bleeding and then further as if he doesn’t even realise he is pouring with blood.  Thank the Gods this has decreased!!

It occurred to me to state what I DO use now, I have said what I don’t use so it makes sense to put what I do use right?

Topical Steroid Withdrawal treatment

  • Epaderm ointment. 2kg a week.
  • Coconut oil (brilliant to heal open wounds)
  • Tea tree oil  (diluted) for open wounds I worry may be infected
  • Topical Steroids
  • Oral Steroids
  • Anti-histamines

I am going to Wales on Monday. I am rather excited, too the South Wales Valleys for this city girl, for five whole days. I love the language and I do love the accents of Wales. I am going to see my man. I am super excited. Finally be in his arms ❤ Five full days with him whilst the small one stays home with grandma – I desperately need this break.


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