Permissive, Sarcasm and Senseless.

Hallelujah! He grew a brain. Since I was 12 or 13 I have said I will not stay in England for my life and until I was 15 I said I’d move to America but then I learnt how awful the way of life is compared to what could be. And searched and thought Australia. So you can imagine that visiting Australia has very much made this feeling stronger…

I was blunt about it. I told the dear ol’ ex my plans to eventually uproot and move both myself and our child to Australia for their better way of living – almost everything seems better than England. And I’m not saying it from holiday maker eyes. My best friend and her family (Who I visited) were in England for a long time before going there. I didn’t even have to argue it. It seems my ex developed a permissive personality. Almost straight away he gave me permission;

Him: Lol. At this rate you’ll end up moving there.
Me: Well, I want to.. But its not as simple as that.
Him: Sure it is. Pull a bloke in the navy and have him transfer lmao.
Me: Why the navy? Surely its easier just to find an aussie? But thats not what I ment anyway.
Him: The navy doesn’t require you to constantly visit the country.
Me: I meant with regards to Calvin.
Him: What’s complicated about it?
Me: Er, you?
Him: You think I’d try to stop you?
Me: Honestly, yes.
Him: Hrm. No, I wouldn’t. I’d be upset because I’d want to see Calvin, but if it’s what you want to do then I wouldn’t try and stop you, even if it meant convincing you to download skype so I could talk to him that way until I could make the money for you to visit your parents.

There is my permission and I am holding him to it.
Some people are clearly too dumb for the internet, would you not agree? Now, I use a website to chat on and play games in the evenings. Kongregate. I visited tonight. Oh what fun that was. A child, username ‘SingularSeven‘ came to read this blog and pass comments in private to another user, who proceeded to forward to pass them on to me. Such delightful things being;

[11:14 PM] trace401: [06:13 PM] SingularSeven: dayumn saira seems fuked up (reply) [06:14 PM] SingularSeven: im going to cyber with her (reply)   (reply)

[11:20 PM] trace401: [06:20 PM] SingularSeven: ok moving on wtf is up with this bitch Saira (reply) [06:20 PM] SingularSeven: i am doing all i can to try to sniff our jsut how much of a slut she is (reply)  (reply)

[11:54 PM] trace401: [06:53 PM] SingularSeven: god damnit (reply) [06:53 PM] SingularSeven: the **** is this bitches issue (reply)  (reply)

Ofcourse these very much made me wish to play along slightly. Now whilst Mr Seven was being very sympathetic and kind talking to me. Even asking about the sailor mentioned in previously in Homo-Couplus…  I even proceeded to tell him how the sailor (Who I now know as Andrew added me to facebook and has hounded me since about having sex and doing sexual things. Much to his dismay I keep ignoring him. The very silly fool SingularSeven the following conversation played out. And I have to quote it as I can’t believe the utter stupidity. Fair enough, I should clearly have used my /Sarcasm but I thought it was shouted loud and clear..

[11:20 PM] SingularSeven: is he emailing you or something?
[11:21 PM] SairaJayn: Messaging.
[11:21 PM] SingularSeven: on kongregate?
[11:22 PM] SairaJayn: Yes.. I linked my facebook and he messages me on kongregate.
[11:22 PM] SingularSeven: omg xD
[11:22 PM] SingularSeven: did you know you can mute him?
[11:23 PM] SingularSeven: just hit the mute user button
[11:23 PM] SairaJayn: Ohdear. I forget I need to add /Sarcasm. More often.
[11:24 PM] SairaJayn: Why would he be messaging me on KONGREGATE. When he is on FACEBOOK?

Kiddo did try to cyber with me, but got, as you they say on the internet butthurt when he realised I’m obviously not sluttish enough for him! And boy, did the kid go a bit loopy when he realised I was going to put him on my blog. So Smile kid!