Goodnight Australia!

Okay so I’m in Australia right now and wow. It is awesome.
I’m in bunbury, WA. It is quite countrified though a bit too quiet for me. It reminds me of Florida and England overdosing on greens then hooking up to produce this bait spacious beautiful place which is still busy and compact (in town). Will trees and bushes everywhere!

I’m here for my best friends wedding – I’m her MOH. Pretty damn amazing considering I flew from freaking England and spent 10 hours in the expensive and boring Dubai airport.
Her house is amazing and huge but its weird they prefer bungalows here (see what I mean America villas) the size of it though sickens me. At 30 most people wouldn’t afford a home like this never mind a 21 year old and she was 20 when got it.

Her friends are cool, met a few. Had dinner at one of their houses – I’m not keen on Aussie meals Tbh. And ohmy. Her little bro who was like 13 when I last saw him is almost 19. I can’t believe it, he is giant. And her little little bro is 14 now, I remember them skyping him when he was 7.

I saw a roadkill kangaroo on way to her home from the airport and shit me not a tiny rabbit. Finally saw a live one tonight. The damage the cyclone here did the other week is shocking though – thank God it wasn’t with me here

Hen do on Saturday I can’t wait.