Well she did good! My dear friend who no matter what, I can’t seem to shake or annoy for long periods. We don’t even grow apart – I’ve known her for 7 years and for a lot of them she lived in Australia. Which means I see her every few years. Yet it is like we never parted when we see eachother!

Anyway she made it until 15 days before the big day to turn bridezilla.. her poor chap and bro inlaw even mum. Though I understand the reasons behind it all too. On Friday I spent a very wet evening doing hen party prep and the little things for the wedding.

Did I mention it rained? Freezing rain. Which reminds me. Where are all the hot Aussies?! I’m rather unimpressed. I think they flew the coop for winter.

Thankfully it is better now. The Hen party was last night and my was it worth all the prep me, another bridesmaid and brides mum went through. It was brilliant seeing everyone join in including the older ladies! We then went downtown. Well of what this place has.. shockingly empty and lacking. But I had a great time! Being hit on by an English guy though.. Seriously? I come to almost outback (feels it) Australia 2 hours away from Perth and meet guys from Guildford!

Conclusion: hot Aussies are on tv so are fake or in England. 😦