I’m sure I’ve touched on this before; it will be more of a rant I’m afraid.

But I am so sick of people bullying those more fortunate and less fortunate of course. A few years ago, Britney Spears for example was bullied and abused horrendously. Fame clearly got to her and she couldn’t handle it – in return the public was plain and simply vile towards her. I defended her.

When Lady Gaga came out – I must admit I assumed she’d be next as she was quirky and different. But no, who does everyone badmouth and act like fools towards? Justin Bieber – now I’m not a fan of his music, it doesn’t float my boat per se, however he is just a kid well, he was when he started right? I’ve witnessed fully grown adults rant and rave shouting abuse about him. I’ve heard death threats.. All because they don’t like his music and style. People say how awful he is and ‘nobody’ likes him. Ignoring his wealth, fans and success – things they don’t have.

Why must people do this, bullying. ‘Tis just wrong. Just as some of these bullies are so against what happened to the young girl in Canada recently – Amanda Todd. Who actually killed herself for making a mistake which led to her being severely bullied until she couldn’t handle it anymore.

She is still being bullied in her grave.. people making such rude and hateful remarks because of her mistakes – we all make them and she is just a damned child too.. this again includes grown adults who should be ashamed of themselves.

Don’t you find that if people don’t know the victim personally they try to justify their actions as not bullying? As if it makes a difference – they gang together too. I can only hope their children do not suffer at the hands or mouth of a bully. It is after all no different for someone in the public eye to someone out of it. It still hurts..

Personally. If I have a dislike about someone, I avoid them. I don’t remember hearing Justin bieber sing more than once.. why can’t others?


3 thoughts on “Bullying.

  1. I think that you make a valid point here. Bullying is becoming very aggressive these days. I think that what happened to Amanda Todd was a tragedy and should not have gone so bad. Everyone makes mistakes. What stabs me further is that people continue to as you say “bully” her after she is dead. People who are still saying these vile things should really think. Not only are you being inhumane to a poor girl, but you are utterly disrespecting her plight and her family. To just think how much heartbreak they are going through, why should they have to deal with people still making slanderous comments. And I agree with the whole being a stranger and bullying someone… for some people, I believe that they remove blame from themselves if they do not know the victim.

      • Thanks.. I’m very passionate about this topic, it is really important for me to take a stand. I really think there is too much judgement in our society today, and you made me think of the don’t judge a book by its cover kind of a thing. And I think that’s the way we need to be.

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