1. A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities.

That is a definition I quickly found on Google.co.uk , after asking people who I know what their definition of ‘hero’ was. Curiosity really as to why certain people get called a ‘hero’.

A person that does the right thing even at great personal risk?”
“Someone that sacrefice something they hold dear; or at least have the risk of losing it, for the good of someone else!”
Isn’t that the main person in a book or series? Another word for Protagonist….. Female equivalent is heroine.”
Now, lately everywhere I go, someone is being called a hero – from football players (and other sorts of sportsmen, including Olympians) and more recently Felix Baumgartner. I personally don’t understand it, what makes these people heroes?
To me, a hero could be a soldier, sailor, police, firefighter, doctor, paramedic etc, these people save lives, or at least try to, some of them put themselves in danger regularly to do so.
How is a sportsman a hero? What have they done to justify being called a hero? They do a sport not do anything admirable. Sure they are good at what they do. Well, opinions on this vary. But no way are they heroes for winning for their team or beating their own personal goals. This goes for Felix too – what did he do that is so heroic? Sure he jumped 23 miles up, which I am not brave enough to do for fear of my life. However he is a crazy daredevil adrenaline junkie. He claims it is for science also but come on, we know it was for his 15 minutes of fame.. Although even for science  – it doesn’t make him a hero.
Why do people call others ‘hero’ so easily? I can’t help but feel it puts real heroes to shame – making what they do turn to crap and sound like rubbish compared to these so-called heroes who have done nothing to deserve the title.. What is your definition of hero?

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