Respect and upbringing.

I use stalkbook and lately all I keep seeing are images saying;

“I didn’t grow up, I was raised. I was raised to let elderly have my seat. I was raised to say please and thank you, I was raised to be polite. I was raised to treat others how I wish to be treated” etc.

Under these photos you get lots of comments “I was raised like this” or “Not like the youth of today!!” Then you get the people in real life making similar comments about these awful young people how bad they are, what disgraces they are.. How they can never do anything right.


Those comments make me laugh.. I mean. Who raised todays youth? Who brought in the silly laws it’s virtually a crime to spank your child?!  Who madde the nanny state? Who didn’t teach these thiings? The older people.  Yet they blame everything on the youth, surely it is their fault? For not raising the youth right?

Now I’ll respect anyone who respects me. I’ll do things for people who don’t expect it. I will be polite and kind – if people are back.

However I find that the elderly in this day and age are rather rude. I have been pushed out of the way. More often than not, they make rude remarks and expect myself and others to just take it. Infact whilst in florida i had an elderly man slam a big metal gate in my then 18 month olds face. He saw us so knew we were coming.

Now please dont assume I am bashing my elders as such for no reason. However I am sick of my generation being blamed and bad mouthed for something that well happened because of our parents generations. And I’m disgusted in the way a lot of people behave, however we don’t pick up bad habits and ways from nowhere. A bit of give and take is needed on both sides I believe.

Respect me and I’ll respect you.


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