Working things out and repetitive strain.

I have been working things out in accordance to my next trip to Australia, in January 2014..For two whole months.. My friend is paying for my tickets, I hope to one day pay it all back of course. I’ve been working out how much money I need for myself and my son (who will be 3/4). We’re going to be staying with my friend and again she says we don’t need anything for food, I’m trying to avoid this though. With how I’ve worked out – saving £63 per month it works out I get £1008 which is currently;

Conversion rate; AUD/GBP = 1.53689

£1,008.00 = $1,549.19

Will that be enough for two months for two of us? Basically that amount of dollars divided by 59 as an approx estimate of the two months (though given travel times etc etc it is kinda less) that is $26 is that enough? My friend will be working so I’ll be entertaining myself. I have to include petrol money as hopefully I’ll be driving (so I need to get money to rent cats and petrol or whatever too).. Hmmm. Should be shouldn’t it??

I believe I have repetitive strain injury from my crocheting so much. My right wrist is in agony to use it. 😦


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