Are we really in an age where nobody knows how to accept a compliment? Two nights ago I decided people were too down and I’d seen too many arguments. I figured I’d share some lover and happiness.

I sent messages to several different people complimenting them and telling them what i like about them. The majority of the people I messaged asked if I had been drinking and didn’t believe me at first that I hadn’t touched a drop.

Next came a reserved thank you, ‘thanks but I’ve not done anything. Honestly I’m not that great.‘ Well if I thought that I wouldn’t have told you otherwise. You don’t have to explain yourself to me either.

One friend even thought I sent her a message by mistake! Honestly believing it wasn’t for her. Today I tried complimenting another person during our conversation and he denied the compliment.

Such pessimism shouldn’t exist. We arena perfect of course but we
each have qualities that atleast one other person likes. I shall continue go compliment until people accept it.


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