Parent Information Workshop PIP CAFCASS

Workshop Purpose

  • To make parents more aware of the effect of separation on their children.
  • To make it clear that continuing conflict specifically over contact is not in the best interests of the children.
  • To provide parents with options and ideas about how to change things for the better by improving communication skills promoting workable solutions.

Who and when to attend

  • Any parents who are separating or have separated and are concerned about the affect their situation is having on their children.
  • When parents have lost sight of their children’s needs due to their ongoing conflict.
  • When parents find that their feelings and reactions about the separation are affecting their ability to communicate about their children.

Workshop Content

The Separation and Divorce Process

An explanation of:

  • The context of the process;
  • The emotional side of things;
  • The legal/ financial side of things;
  • Practical issues/options;

An understanding that separation or divorce is a journey – not an event.

What children need


  • How do children experience and respond to separation/ divorce?
  • How can you help them to adjust?
  • Understanding the impact of conflict on everyone involved.
  • Identifying children’s needs during this time.
  • Completion of a parenting questionnaire to identify their strengths to assist changes to be made.

Parent Communication


  • Review of the parenting questionnaire;
  • Understanding changes or blocks to change and gaining different perspectives on common disagreements;
  • Imagining children’s futures conversations about this time in their life, learning how to listen and respond when communicating
  • Managing difficult conversations by developing a businesslike relationship focusing on what they can control;
  • Helping children adjust to households.



  • Emotions and stages of loss, understanding of how strong feelings can affect behaviour
  • Revisiting the separation/ divorce journey and identifying any changes made/ being considered to assist them moving forward.

Now, I’ll explain. This is a course I shall be doing at 10am 15th August 2012, why? My ex took me to court to see our child (despite my never actually stopping him as I’ve said all this in previous posts) well it’s taken from March until now to happen.. Except my ex doesn’t have to go or he hasnt had a letter through anyway.. None of these really affect me. I don’t have to do with my ex really so it doesn’t affect the way I parent.


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