Aunt Flo and Family.

Good evening folks, feels such a long time since I last posted.

Well a quick update? I have been stressed out of my arse.

My fathers mother passed away a few weeks ago, it was agreed not to go on facebook.

I literally saw a message from my mother (who decided not to wake me as there was nothing I could do) seconds before my cousins facebook posts, and my aunts.. Erm? My sister did however find out via facebook which isn’t right.  They have the cheek to talk about my family, treating us like crap? They don’t follow their own rules.

Next. My aunt Flo was due to visit on the 8th. I was rather worried about her lack of communication and she didn’t turn up until the 12th. Buggary. Was I scared or what! Worried for poor A.F. But she turned up and has now gone away until her next visit! Wasn’t too bad!


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