I did it!

I hooked up with an Aussie guy… Not just any guy. My best friends friend… In her house (it was on night of wedding) with her dad not far away! Bugger.

We were chatting at the wedding, possibly for the first time properly? I was drinking – which I haven’t really done in maybe two years? They loved my speech!
Although very rude not shutting up whilst I was trying to announce things..

It was an amazing holiday. Honestly didn’t want to leave, I cried! I miss my baby but I’d rather him be shipped to aus.. but here I am sat in Dubai international airport waiting for my flight to London Gatwick. šŸ˜¦

But I’ll get back to it. The guys sister asked if I was going to town – sure!Ā  He was going too.. and the grooms step bro and we convinced his cousin.. for the first time and q different cousin, oh and my friends friend, but I needed my passport.

I asked the best man to take me to get it, but with us came him and the cousin.. we took almost an hour as we were pulled over. Holy shit. Aus police scare the living shit out of me. Anyways we went in to town. I was already pretty well on the way of drunk but managed a few more.

Shy little sair who won’t even talk to guys she doesn’t know usually did the following;

Groped both best friend… Was groped back.
Groped innocent little cousin.
Has two guys faces in my cleavage.
Took an Aussie home.

I remember, everything. The little kiss on my head waiting for the taxi. The kiss on my shoulder before going to sleep. We even cuddled after… I’ve never done that, it never appealed to me but I must say. I rather liked it!

But oh how things can change… The groom come home at 7:30am to pick me up for breakfast and gets the first shock.. I get the next one.. he doesn’t leave my bed until like half 11.. and stays all day. I felt so awkward.
But after thinking, there are things I don’t like and I didn’t think he would be my Aussie.. but I think I’d do it again. šŸ˜‰

The poor cousin however got it in the neck all my last day, he is so scared of me so o had to link arms with him etc. Got a kiss (on his cheek) and cuddle before I left! But he actually put his arms around me!


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