…Things to ponder on…

I have never entirely got over my ex. But I very rarely admit it – who would want to after what he put me through? Instead, I push everything I feel to anger towards him. All the abuse I’ve received from him…

Yesterday was review day at court. Everything went well for me; I shortened the hours by three to give me a rough idea when to come home since he never does a full day. And brought  up again how Paul doesn’t know how to do his personal care.

Which was quite funny too, I met the health visitor my son had when he was a few months old – she was a student and ended up moving away. Well she was in the court waiting room with I assume her chap (who was friggin’ hot, Christian Grey anybody?). So we had a good catch up – she’s coming back to Plymouth!

Anyway back to the subject

I was polite; I did smile the whole time nicely – even when I spoke to Judge Moon, his solicitor and when I was near him. I got nothing but an awful scowl (okay I know, he had a scowl on his face 24/7 but this was worse. Honest!) back. So whatever…

Today Paul saw our son for this week and among the details of what happened, mum said she brought up the dirty looks he gave me and he apparently cannot bare to look at me, but not due to ill-feeling. Yet, he didn’t indulge further.

Someone has an odd way of showing care…


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