Driving and dream night

I started driving again in May. It’s going pretty awesomely, I retook my theory test because it expired but passed that nicely.

I have my 9th and 10th hours tomorrow, I’m picking it back up nicely – after 2.5 years.

On Friday 15th June 6pm until 10pm it was ‘Dream Night‘ which is a night for disabled and terminally sick children to have a wonderful evening at zoos and aquariums across the world.

My nephew is disabled and so he and my sister approx a month ago got an invite (who invited myself, mum and my son) to this Dream Night at our local zoo, Dartmoor National Parkyes the very same that starred in We Bought a zoo owned by Benjamin Mee.

It was fantastic. We went around the zoo seeing all the animals – it isn’t that big as if you’ve seen the movie or read the book he couldnt entirely afford the zoo but was saving the animals. Then we spent a good 20mins talking to the firemen (both children are inlove with firemen like boys typically are). Then it was party time at the disco; they had a balloon maker, food, dj, story telling.

It was in the disco that we met the famous Benjamin Mee. Who also autographed a copy of “We Bought a Zoo” for myself and mother. He is a remarkable man. Very friendly too and doesnt know how to take a compliment. I told him -among other things- that he was simply amazing for what he has done. He replied “It isn’t just me who made this work, my team are exceptional” I almost replied “But you’re the one who bought it and saved it” but I didn’t – he is right, his team are simply amazing too. And as soon as I can drive I plan to become part of it, its only a 15 min drive from my house. When I said how I loved how natural the surroundings were, both inside and outside the enclosure he told me how to put tarmac pavements around the zoo it would cost £90,000, so he refused leaving it natural which I have to applaud him for – it made it stand out from the average zoo.



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