Homo-couplus and homo-singlus.

Read Love…from both sides by Nick Spalding to understand the title; simply awesome author.

As you may know by now, I am a single mother. Yes! I said it. How awful am I?! Such a sinner. Young, single mum and want more. To be fair on my part. I didn’t plan on having the spawn until I was 28, much less before I was 20 but if you believe in God it was a miracle and Gods’ plan, if you are into the science way. That shitty pill called “Yasmin” buggered up despite taking it perfectly and failed to work – making the crap that science throws up on us.

Oddly enough, I’ve been single for the most part of two years (roughly when I found out I was pregnant and had “GET RID OF IT OR I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU OR IT” screamed a me) and the only part I miss is the sex. Bugger the annoyingness of men – too much hassle.

But nevertheless after talking with a friend I decided to try out POF

The leading Free Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals

After all, for a bit of fun a few years ago I wanted a man in uniform. It appears the uniformed dating site is rather bleedin’ expensive. £30 a month!


My experience consisted of :

Male. Eighteen (almost three years younger). Moving to Aus in the winter. Lives an hour away – neither of us can drive.

A few forgettables that I cant even remember.

A big scary ginger who quite frankly scared the living crap out of me.. I didnt reply.

Male. Twentysomething. Sailor. Big manhood. Wants to see me in my nurse outfit. Offered to buy me expensive sexy undies.

Male. Fiftysomething. Well off. Wanted to ‘spoil’ me. Wanting to pay me to see my body (and no doubt lead on to touching it). On only the 2nd conversation was I asked if I had paypal and what it was, when I asked why I was offered £50 for 30 minutes seeing my boobs.

I think it is fair to say, I signed out and never signed back in.



3 thoughts on “Homo-couplus and homo-singlus.

    • I don’t believe I’ve giggled so much reading a book, ever. Spalding is fantastic isn’t he? I’m currently reading Sleepless nights and already chuckling. I think we’ve all met a BFG!

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