I’m alive!

Well hello fellow bloggers!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!

It has been a busy few months; booking a holiday, court, dream night, learning to drive and internet dating. All of which over the next few days I’ll write about.

In February this year I got a letter from a solicitor stating I am being taken to court in 4 weeks. I decided to represent myself rather than pay for a solicitor myself knowing I can do it myself unlike my silly ex who lied to the solicitor, judge (on application to court) and the caffcass officer who is there for child support in cases where there may be risk. Inwhich he stated there was no risk and I stopped him; which I, with my evidence shown both his solicitor and caffcass very clearly the image of a gun (which after 3 hours was learnt to be bb) to his head whilst I was pregnant (which got the harrassment order), the letter admitting pre-pregnancy (which I was on the pill when conceived) although I made clear it finally stopped on a main road whilst I was pushing our four month old son – he punched my ribs and I backhanded him whilst trying to push him away before running to safety of mum) and the proof I never stopped him.
All this resulted in the 10-7 one day a week he demanded, supervised by my mum, that I offered in the July when he stopped seeing our son (to later say I banned him) because I started my claim for a measly 5 quid a week.

Moving on.

My trip abroad is finally nearly here. In under two weeks I shall be in Bunbury, WA for three blissful weeks. Leaving my role as mother and picking up role of Maid Of Honour, during of this time I entrust full parental responsibility to my mum for my 2st 6lbs 29month old bundle of terror… Sorry, Joy.


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