I love Christmas, who doesn’t? Okay I get there are groups of people who disagree with it either for religious beliefs or personal ones – fair enough for them. Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday whether it is seen as religious or commercial depends on the individual. Although I am religious myself (maybe another day we will discuss my aspect of that) I view Christmas as commercial, a nice family holiday for happiness and spending quality time with those who you love; so I shall focus on that view.

I was having a conversation the other day about gifts; mum decided she can’t afford to spend much on myself and the others in my family. I hear others complain they are too poor for Christmas. This saddened me, have we really become that materialistic? Everyone seems to be competing on how much they cache spend and whether they have bought the best gift. I admit. I was one too. Trying to keep up with the latest gifts and gadgets a available for people to enjoy. Is this really what Christmas is all about? Well no wonder we are in debt and people are losing touch – we are working too much to afford the pointless luxuries. What happened to family games and general company; using the time to relax and enjoy eachother. If a gift is given there was great care and love, if an item it may last a lifetime rather than five minutes. Are we really that materialistic that as a population the word Christmas goes with “broke” “skint” “on demand”?

I for one would rather someone come to me with love and care, even a handmade or atleast really thought out gift than give me something I will never see again until spring clean.

This year why don’t you join me and put though and care into your gift rather than money?


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