Shallow. It is a word often used derogatively, meaning;

“Lacking of depth; Superficial

I hear all the time “I care for his/her personality I don’t care what she/he looks like” but really now? If you’re being totally honest? You don’t care about their looks at all? After some thinking I realised something.

I do care; I care about how a person looks. Is it wrong to admit you have a different taste to say; your best friend? That although she finds a very skinny or very fat guy attractive, you find it repulsive? Could you honestly say you’d ignore your feelings of repulsion because they have a fantastic personality? If you can let me add in this, could you be physical with the person? I know I couldn’t I’d have to be somewhat attracted to a person before I got physical no matter how much I loved them but if not physical and just together enjoy the company – I’m not sure I could go my life without sex or intimacy of any sort due to physical dislike – I could for medical reasons but I think I, and a lot of people may end up straying due to lack of – this is often the cause of relationship failures; including marriage.

I know from my past how someone can ‘grow’ on you. I’ve had an ex who I never really found attractive at first but after awhile I grew to enjoy it but can someone be too far from the mark?


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