A long time ago I was asked for my definition of love. So, here it is.

Every dream and want change in the direction of making it part of you.
An unconditional feeling, that no matter what you do, I’ll always be here.
Every time I’m with you. I’m in heaven.
When I’m not with you, I’m missing you, Going crazy and being excited about next time.
Even in the middle of our rows. I just want to be with you and cuddle you.
To be in your arms.
Love is a choice my heart chose.

You cannot see love, but can feel it.
Whenever I’m thinking, it is you I think of.
Whenever I dream, it is you I dream of.
I can be really busy with something, yet it is you on my mind.
I can’t imagine being without you again.
It was hell the first time.

Love is different for everyone, which is why there is confusion.
My love will die for you.
Love is “for richer and for poorer, and ’til death do us part.”
I told you I’d love you forever.. That’ll never change.

There is no right or wrong definition.
It comes differently to everyone.
I feel secure with you.
I trust you with my life. I may not fully with other things.
But with my life, I trust.

“Love is where the other person’s happiness is essential to your own.”


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