The great escape story

I created this for a competition in ’09

If you know ferrets, you know they’re great escapists – little houdinies. A few weeks ago, Bella and Ivy opened the cage stashing the kits away from the cage, even with the cage being shut more securely it seems it must hapen again.
Bella, the sandy colour ferret must fancied some out time.
The owner of these fabulous creatures today lost the keys to the shed – where the rest of the ferrets were in. In her hunt of unlocking it again a few viewers joked saying things like, “They’re creating an escape committee” – fourferrets, about the little things.
At approximately 1:33am many viewers witnessed The Great Escape Bella feeling the need for some freedom maybe or her maternal instincts coming on too strong for her heart to bare.
Bella opened the cage – risking breaking her teeth, taking atleast three kits with her when Ivy quickly helped her remove the kits from the cage – all of which have opened their eye and are keen to explore, hiding them in a place where they may have been endangered.
Frantic viewers gathered trying to contact the owner, finally reaching her at 3:30am where she and her husband woke up from their slumber to put the kits back to bed, comforting the viewers stating “The dog that ignores them was in with us and the entire flat is ferret proof so if they did get out of the living room they’d be okay”
When found it is said the kits all but one were under the sofa, the one who wasnt was in a top that had accidently been left out on the floor.
Lets just hope there isn’t a Great escape – Part 2.


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